The panoramic view upon reaching a summit is so rewarding that one cannot wait to conquer another mountain. Along with the marvelous views, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse local cultures. And because mountain ranges are scattered across the region, each range has its own unique character.

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Hanoi, Mai Chau
3 day - 2 night

The Stunning Nature of Mai Chau

Start the trip with a unique Jeep journey on wildly rugged mountain roads with views of breathtaking terraced rice fields. At the resort, outdoor cinema, live performances, yoga await. From there you'll be whisked away to mountain treks, visits to ethnic minority villages, inspiring views and excellent food.

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Hanoi, Sapa
5 day - 4 night

Sapa’s Green Valleys and Misty Mountains

Arriving at the mist-blanketed landscape of Sapa graced by crisp weather and soft sunshine in the early morning, you will have a chance to admire romantic scenes of majestic mountains and picturesque terraced rice fields as well as explore the lifestyle, cuisine, and culture of local people. 

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Laos, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng
9 day - 8 night

The Laos Experience for Explorers

Studded with limestone spires and gilded temples, riddled with caves and home to rare wildlife, Laos contains a unique charm for adventurous travelers. The oft-overlooked nation is one of the region's leaders in ecotourism and ethnically diverse populations with Luang Prabang standing as perhaps the county's crown jewel.

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Quang Binh
3 day - 2 night

Phong Nha: A Place Like No Other

Immersing in the otherworldly atmosphere of Quang Binh, you will have the chance to admire the fantastic nature of the world’s biggest caves while exploring the wild animal rescue program as well as the local lifestyle here.