Siem Reap Steetfood Gems

1 Day

A popular local breakfast; grilled pork or fried chicken with steamed rice, fried tarantulas and stuffed frogs – the brave amongst us can try all these delicacies on this fun morning or evening tour.

We will travel off the usual tourist trail in a remork, the Cambodian tuk-tuk, to find food stalls and eateries popular with the locals. Along with our ‘foodie’ guide, we will try out unusual snacks and seasonal fruits such as yellow bean cake, dragon fruit, green mango with chilli, duck eggs, and the foul-smelling but sweet-tasting durian fruit. And then of course, there’s the stalls selling fried insects.

We will end the day with a light dinner of Khmer dishes at a local restaurant (for the Evening Tour), followed by a fruit shake or fruits with condensed milk from a dessert stall.


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